Create and Use Trackable Links

It's common to want to provide your clients with additional information through website links sent via our platform. However, there are two issues with using regular links:

  • They are often long and not in mobile-friendly formats

  • You don't know if your clients click on them (and find them useful)

Enter Trackable Links. Trackable links allow you to send shortened URLs in your campaigns and track which recipients click these links.

Create a Trackable Link

  1. Navigate to the ‘Trackable Links’ page through the main navigation. On this page, you will see a complete list of your active trackable links. 

  2. Click the 'Create Trackable Link’ button to create a new shortened URL

  3. Enter a name to describe the link under “Name” and the complete link under “Destination.” This is not something shown to your recipients, but something memorable for you and your team so you can easily find and track results later.

  4. If you plan to use the link in a specific flow, you can also select the relevant flow in the dropdown. If you do not select a specific flow, the link will be usable across all your flows.

  5. Finally, click “Create” to create your trackable link.

You can repeat this process for as many external links you’re providing by returning to the ‘Trackable Links’ page.

Manage Trackable Links

To see which contacts have clicked a link, click on the link’s name, and you’ll be directed to a page showing a list of contacts and the date on which they clicked the link.

From the ‘Trackable Links’ page, you can also archive or activate existing trackable links. To archive an existing link, check the box next to each of the links that you want to archive, and click the Archive button that appears at the top of the list.

To reactivate an archived link, click on the Archived folder on the left side of the trackable links panel, select the links you want to activate, and then click the Activate button that appears at the top of the list.

Add an Active Trackable Link to a Flow

To use a trackable link in one of your flows, add the full link (i.e., to a message. The CommunityConnect platform will automatically replace the full link with a shortened one. 

Note that only links added to the ‘Trackable Links’ page will have data about who has clicked each link. Links added to your flows but not added to the ‘Trackable Links’ page will not have this data.